Rikair offers a wide range of medical services including turnkey hospital solutions. Our Medical division is managed by competent individuals including biomedical engineers who specialize  in ;

  • Consultation and design of small, medium or large medical facilities.
  • Commissioning and training
  • Maintenance /After-sale service

We service a mixed clientele, cutting across public, quasi and private health institutions, Health and Scientific Laboratories, donor agencies and private enterprises in Ghana and abroad; served by a multidisciplinary team of about twenty specialized key staff and consultants.



Operating & Maintenance of

Source gas equipment for Hospitals

Turnkey Hospital


Production and

Supply of Medical Oxygen and other

Medical Gases in Cylinders

Supply and Installation of Modular

Operating Theatre and Intensive

Care Unit (Clean Room)

Supply of

Diagnostic products from Riester

Supply of

Cleaning and  disinfecting equipment 

Supply of portable Oxygen Concentrators for hospitals and homecare

Supply and Installation of Respiratory Care Equipment

Supply and Installation of Equipment for Ophthalmology, ENT, Urology and Endoscopy

  • Design and Installation of Central Medical Gas Systems

Theatre and Mortuary installation

Supply and Installation of Theatre doors, Fire doors, and Medically Sealed Doors

Sales, Supply and Installation of LPG Piping Systems (Tank or Manifold)

Supply and Installation of Equipment for Ophthalmology and ENT

Supply and installation of ware washing disinfection sterilization unit.

Supply of Urology and Endoscopy equipment 


Trust Hospital

• Supply of concentrators to the main Hospital and its satellite clinics

• Supply and installation of medical gas system• Supply and installation of sluice and scrub unit

• Supply and installation of theatre doors

• Supply and installation of diagnostic ultrasound, fetal heart detector and Cardiotocograph

Ridge Hospital

• Installation of medical gas pipes

• Installation of medical gas pipes

• 3 Oxygen PSA generators

• Instrument air plant

• 3 Medical air plants

• Vacuum plant

• Bedhead units

Tema General Hospital

• Supply of  concentrators and other consumables

• Supply of medical air and oxygen in cylinders

Bank of Ghana Hospital

• Supply and Installation of medical gas pipes

– 1 Oxygen PSA generator

– Medical air plant

– Sluice unit

– Bedhead units

International Maritime Hospital G.P.H.A

• Supply and installation of medical gas systems

• Supply and installation of medical gas systems(Oxygen generator, medical air plant, vacuum plant)

• Nurse call

• Sluice units

• Theatre and mortuary doors• Installation of bedhead units

  • Provided hospital with oxygen concentrators
Dunka Hospital Guinea
  • Installation of Centrox central oxygen supply
Police Hospital
  • Supply of Medical consumables