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RIKAIR is a leading supplier of efficient and customized oxygen generation plants. For Mining companies, RIKAIR provides high tonnage oxygen plants which seeks to reduce the use of harmful hydrogen peroxide gases in our atmosphere, spargers /nozzles which are connected to pipe system to aid in delivery of oxygen to tanks etc. We also have certified onsite technicians for operating and maintenance of oxygen plants. As a reliable partner, we make available necessary spares for corrective and preventive maintenance. Rikair is also into complimentary products such as welding accessories and protective gears.


Oil And Gas

For the oil and gas industries Rikair offers safety solutions by way of protective gears, goggles, safety gloves, helmets, safety boots etc. We also offer Industrial Gas solutions, Welding Solutions and Argon Gas for specialised welding etc.

Food and Beverages

Food & Beverages

For the food and beverage companies, we offer carbon dioxide gas, nitrogen gas, industrial oxygen, and personal protective equipment.

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